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Thank you for visiting our website. We are pleased to inform you that the English version is currently under construction and gets updated on a regular basis.


Welcome to the website of Group Hotel and Group Holiday Accommodation HeideHoeve, located in Someren, in the Province of Noord-Brabant. With 25 guest rooms, an in- and outdoor swimming pool, a sauna facility, various multi-purpose rooms and a sports pitch, our accommodation is equipped to fully meet the needs of today’s consumer. HeideHoeve was awarded a ‘Best Price Guarantee’ label, which means that you will not find a more affordable similar group hotel or guest accommodation elsewhere in The Netherlands. However, in the unlikely event that you should find a group accommodation similar to ours that offers you a lower price, please let us know and we will adjust our price. The (Dutch spoken) video below gives a clear impression of our group hotel and group accommodation. Additional information and a crystal clear price overview will be displayed by clicking the Prices link. We will remain at your complete disposal for further details.

We are confident that the next pages will convince you why HeideHoeve is the finest and most affordable guest accommodation and group hotel in The Netherlands. By means of photos, videos and live streaming we have tried to give you a clear impression of who we are and what we can do for you. It would be our pleasure to welcome you to HeideHoeve for a tour, during which you can get to know us personally over a cup of coffee.

We guarantee that during your stay, you and your family, company or institution will be our exclusive guests. This way, your privacy is always strictly respected.

Curious about the activities at HeideHoeve? We are constantly expanding our activity program and because the possibilities are almost endless, it would be impossible to give you a brief summary in this introduction. Therefore, we take the liberty of referring to our Recreational page, where all activities you can participate in at no additional charge are listed, described and/or illustrated with photos.

Lastly, it is not our own opinion that we value most. To us, the most important quality indicator are the objective and unbiased comments and reviews that former guests have left in our guestbook, which will be displayed by clicking the link
Customer Reviews and that speak for themselves.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Team HeideHoeve,
Jack van Lierop


What Group Hotel and Group Accommodation HeideHoeve is all about
Situated in a nature reserve with forests, heathlands and fens, HeideHoeve and its surroundings are considered to be one of the most beautiful locations in The Netherlands. It will not take you long to find out that HeideHoeve has far more to offer than the average guest accommodation. The photos on this website, that were recently taken in and about HeideHoeve, the surrounding area and the adjacent nature reserve, speak for themselves. HeideHoeve has been at your service for over 37 years and has acquired a very good reputation. On the Customer Reviews page you will find our guestbook, in which several former guests have left their comment. Our experience and constant strive for improvement have resulted in a very competitive concept and crystal clear prices. Clicking the link will display the price overview page, by means of which you can easily calculate the total cost of your stay. It is our policy to provide a no-obligation quote before your booking is confirmed but please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require further information. We would be glad to invite you for a visit and discuss your wishes over a cup of coffee. Please, feel free to contact us if you wish to schedule a no-obligation appointment for a tour. The Options page offers you the possibility to hold your reservation or make a booking.

Special offers are only bookable through our website. We recommend you to revisit this site every now and then and check our
special offers page, as it gets updated regularly.

HeideHoeve respects your privacy and this is why it is our policy to never receive more than one group at a time. This means that during your stay, you and your group or family will be our exclusive guests! Whether you prefer a self-sufficient stay or an all-inclusive package, HeideHoeve has something for everyone. Moreover, we offer s
elf-sufficient groups free access to a separate kitchen, a dishwashing kitchen and a storage cellar.

HeideHoeve is the only Dutch group accommodation that actually has a subtropical garden, so you will not be bothered by the unstable weather in our country. This facility is permanently at your disposal and suits many purposes. The group accommodation is equipped with a heated in- and outdoor swimming pool, a wonderful sauna facility and a fitness room. You will have full access to all facilities and your privacy will always be respected.

We are
open all year round and by offering a variety of 27 packages and 39 recreational and educational activities to choose from, we take a lot of time-consuming travel arrangements off your hands. Our extensive activity program, that will be displayed by clicking the Recreational link, is free of charge and updated on a regular basis. The unique combination of high quality service, an extensive activity program and multi-purpose facilities, make HeideHoeve the finest group accommodation for companies, families and institutions.

Especially for smaller groups
HeideHoeve introduces a special package for groups of approx. 30 people. This package offers you 20 guest rooms at a reduced price and includes full use of all facilities. Further details can be found on the Small groups Package page.

This website is divided into categories that you can find in the left bar of this homepage. By clicking these categories, you will find a lot of additional information about HeideHoeve, its surroundings and our prices. We also recommend the following websites for further details on local activities:

 -      www.vvv-someren.nl (website for local events and activities, available in Dutch only)
-     www.uitinbrabant.nl  (website for local events and activities, available in Dutch only)

 The photos that illustrate the information displayed on this website give a clear impression of our guest accommodation and allow us to share the HeideHoeve experience with you. It is possible to take up an Option or book you stay directly with us. If you require further information or wish to schedule a no-obligation appointment for a tour, please do not hesitate to call us (+31 495 69 74 77), send a fax (+31 495 69 72 22) or an e-mail.

Besides being fully equipped for companies and institutions, the accommodation is pre-eminently suitable for a family group holiday. Children will love the facilities and fun-filled activities. For youth groups, schools and student groups, HeideHoeve collaborates with fellow companies.

On this page, a link to our special offers will regularly be displayed.


Current offer:

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